New Alumni Directory for Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science Will Not Be Complete Without YOU.

Cincinnati, OH -- Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is proud of our impressive alums. Our graduates develop lasting bonds with classmates during their time on campus and recognize the benefits of keeping track of one another through the years. In response to their requests, we are creating the most comprehensive directory of CCMS alums ever published.

The contents of the directory will be organized into four helpful sections: Biographical, Geographical, Class Roster and the Introductory Section showcasing CCMS's fascinating 126-year history and events. It's a directory that delivers both practical information as well as a sentimental journey through your school.

All efforts are being made to contact YOU – and all CCMS alumni – via phone, e-mail and mail to gather and verify your information. We have contracted with Alumni Research, Inc., to collect and compile the information into a hardbound library-quality volume as well as an online community. We encourage you to respond to them when they contact you. After all, the directory wouldn't be complete without YOU.

The directory will be available to CCMS alumni only and is a limited-edition pressrun, offered only one time.

In order to verify biographical information, Alumni Research, Inc., will soon be contacting those who have provided current telephone numbers and addresses. Please help your alma mater – and your former classmates – keep in touch with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pat Sullivan, CCMS Executive Director, at 513-761-2020 or toll-free at 888-377-8433.