Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving the FuneralWire Newsletter? [top]

The problem could be any of the following:

  1. Your registration did not go through correctly.
  2. You canceled your subscription.
  3. We canceled your subscription. We remove names from the mailing list when e-mail addresses fail. Sometimes an auto response will be mistaken for a failure-signifying bounce. In such cases, the best approach is to re-register at or
  4. Unexplained failure. The Internet is a complex network of servers and computers. Emails and messages can be routed incorrectly, or just happen to disappear. Most subscribers get funeralWire well before 5:00 PM Central time every day. If you are having problems receiving your newsletter try re-subscribing to the news service at a different e-mail address. If you've tried this and still can't seem to get funeralWire correctly, contact us and we will see if we can solve your problem.

How can I cancel my subscription? [top]

Please visit the Account profile page to update your newsletter preferences.