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Advertising and Promotion

Funeral Industry Innovator Taps Kanet Advertising

April 2011 – Cincinnati, OH – Indianapolis-based Bio-Response Solutions has selected Kanet Advertising, in Cincinnati, as its agency of record. Bio-Response Solutions manufactures and sells the equipment which performed the first human alkaline hydrolysis disposition in the U.S. The system has gained significant attention within the funeral industry for its innovation, which some are projecting as transformational for the industry.

Mortuary Lift Products Shown on Episode of "The Bachelor," and on KCRG Newscast

Cedar Rapids, IA, March 2011 – When the February 21 episode of ABC's "The Bachelor" aired, Mortuary Lift Company president Katie Hill was not tuned in. Soon, however, colleagues, vendors, friends, her mom and other family members began phoning and emailing her. Wasn't that her Ultimate 1000(TM) lift they saw on this highly rated network reality show?

NFDA Relay For Life National Team Program Brings Funeral Service Together in Fight Against Cancer

Brookfield, Wis. – According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), men have nearly a one-in-two risk of developing cancer during their lifetime; for women, the risk is a little more than one in three. As part of its ongoing partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS), the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is participating in the Relay For Life National Team Program for the third consecutive year.

Forethought offers new Funeral Funding SolutionsSM portfolio

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. - October 23, 2009 - In support of its long-term commitment to its network of funeral planners, Forethought Life Insurance Company ("Forethought") is pleased to announce the launch of its Funeral Funding SolutionsSM portfolio. This portfolio provides the industry's most comprehensive products and services to help consumers fund end-of-life expenses.

You're online, but are you listening?

Your funeral home has a website. You are online and are setup in a way that if people look for you or your services, they can find you. Good work. You are now half-way done.

Part of the glory of the internet is that it is one big social gathering place. People share ideas, reviews, recommendations, complaints, friendships, hardships, and everything else within their social groups. In short, conversations are happening online and growing at a rapid pace. Are you participating in these conversations or ignoring them?

4 Ways to Build Links to Your Website

4 Ways to Build Links to Your Website

Building inbound links to your website is vitally important if you want to have a better search engine ranking. Links count as votes for credibility and Google uses those votes to determine PageRank. PageRank is one of the primary determining factors in deciding the order for search results. Therefore, the more quality links you have point to your website, the better the chance for a higher search performance.

What is the PageRank of your Website?

What is the PageRank of your Website?

You have a lot of control over which keywords or key phrases families can find your funeral home website with. But if your competitor has those same keywords in their website, how does Google decide who is first in the search result? PageRank is the measurement Google uses. PageRank is a collection of internal metrics Google has assigned concerning your website's credibility, authority, and quality. In fact, Google assigns PageRank to each page of your website.

How to Identify 5 Funeral Home Website Problems

If you've been following the recent topics, then you know your funeral home website is more important than just a few pages online. You know that search engine optimization can make a huge difference in how often you get found in search results. Now you also know where to get started to make improvements.

What if these changes do not show improvement in your website ranking? Or could other things be affecting your website to offset the good work you are doing?

Check these five items to see if any of them affect your website.

Funeral Home SEO 101

Yesterday's post covered a portion of "the what" of Search Engine Optimization. Today the topic is what your funeral home can start doing to improve it. As long as you own your website, you can make these changes yourself or get your webmaster to make them at your request.

NOTE: Let's get this out of the way first. If your website does not already have online obituaries on it, start there. That is the overwhelming reason families go to your website. If you do not have that essential piece, fix that before going further.

Why is my funeral home website not first on Google search results?

Take a quick test. Open up www.google.com and run a search for your funeral home name. Do you come up first? On page 1? Try it again for how families might search: "funeral homes + city, state". For example, Funeral Home + Plano, TX. How did you do on this search?

If you came up first or on page one, then you are probably doing ok. There is always room for improvement, but there is no immediate crisis. If you did not come up on page one, then it might be time to learn what SEO is.

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