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Alkaline Hydrolysis: An Environmentally Responsible Alternative to Cremation and Burial

The campaign for environmental responsibility is changing the choices Americans make. They recycle in evergrowing numbers. More choose organic foods and demand products with all-natural ingredients in simplified packaging. "Green" is clearly the color of choice among the largest group of environmentally conscientious citizens – college-educated, affluent, empty-nesters.

Now they have an environmentally responsible alternative to cremation and burial: The Alkaline hydrolysis process.

Working With Families That Want To Scatter

A large percentage of families are choosing to scatter the cremated body of their deceased loved one. Many state laws now allow the family freedom to manage the disposition of the cremated body themselves. The services of the funeral director are often not requested in either arranging or performing the final disposition. Nonetheless, funeral directors will find unique challenges and opportunities in working with families that desire this form of final disposition.

The Challenges

Cremation Garden, Trail Design Ideas For Spring Planning

While the rising cremation rate is affecting each segment of the death care industry in different ways, some say that it's perhaps the cemeterians who have the most to gain from successfully overcoming the challenges presented by this growing trend.

And as battle plans are being drawn in cemeteries and memorial parks throughout North America, it's clear that one of the main lines of defense is becoming the addition or expansion of cremation gardens and nature trails.

Cremation alternatives 101: burial at sea

I alluded in past articles to the plethora of unique alternatives to the standard "urn on the mantle" for those families who choose cremation. One set of alternatives revolves around burial at sea, which, though not a new idea, has recently presented some creative new options for those families who choose cremation.

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