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Grief Counseling

Avoiding confusion

How many times have you heard a story like this?

My dearest friend in the entire world found herself in a quandary this week. Her father-in-law passed away, and she needed to decide how to handle the "in lieu of flowers" statement within the death notice/obituary in the local paper.

"What does it mean," she asked me, "when they say that? Do I have to make a contribution to the Cancer Society?"

Why relational people fail in competitive markets

The experience of the death of my father several years ago did not give me new insight into the value of funeral service, but it did sharpen my vision of the role played by the practitioner in the process.

Moving On

Dear Kelly: After the funeral is over, families and friends resume their normal lives leaving many widows or widowers adrift in a home full of memories. Often their homes are packed full of things that need to be sorted through and given away. Some widows and widowers choose to move to another domicile due to finances or to be nearer to family members. This task often appears overwhelming. How do they tackle this big hurdle of moving or cleaning out their home? Any suggestions?

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