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Human Resources

Women in the Funeral Industry: One Challenge Stands in Their Way

A glance inside the classrooms at any mortuary school confirms an industry trend: women are outnumbering men in choosing a career in funeral service. Yet in the job search that follows, women candidates are not always on an equal playing field with the men. Prospective employers appreciate a woman's empathy and attention to details, admire her impressive credentials and respect her educational accomplishments. But a question often lingers in an employer's mind: Can she lift?

Secrets of the Truly Great

Treat your employees BETTER than your customers. – Jeffrey Gitomer

Your employees are your ticket to easy street. Don't have good employees? If you'd like to find out who might be responsible for that, lean in close, and I'll whisper the answer:

You are.

How to set goals that will boost employee performance during the next 12 months

Many of us – from childhood onward – think of Spring as a new beginning. It's a perfect time to clean house, reexamine our priorities, renew our faith and decide to spend more time with people important to us. (Mother's Day always serves as a powerful reminder on that last count.) This opportunity for a springtime surge of energy & effort is especially powerful in deathcare. After all, the 1st quarter is far and away the most hectic time of year for most funeral homes and cemeteries.

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