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Alkaline Hydrolysis: An Environmentally Responsible Alternative to Cremation and Burial

The campaign for environmental responsibility is changing the choices Americans make. They recycle in evergrowing numbers. More choose organic foods and demand products with all-natural ingredients in simplified packaging. "Green" is clearly the color of choice among the largest group of environmentally conscientious citizens – college-educated, affluent, empty-nesters.

Now they have an environmentally responsible alternative to cremation and burial: The Alkaline hydrolysis process.

NFDA Endorses CANA Crematory Operators Certification Program

Program will satisfy new training requirements for crematory operators in Virginia

Brookfield, Wis. – The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) announced its endorsement of the Cremation Association of North America's (CANA) Crematory Operators Certification Program, which can help crematory owners ensure they are running a safe, effective, compliant and ethical crematory.

Secrets of the Truly Great

Treat your employees BETTER than your customers. – Jeffrey Gitomer

Your employees are your ticket to easy street. Don't have good employees? If you'd like to find out who might be responsible for that, lean in close, and I'll whisper the answer:

You are. has been upgraded!

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