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Advertising and Promotion

Covert holiday marketing battle plans

Funeral service (and I include cemeteries in that group) is a tough sell at any given time. I imagine that the only time that someone is glad to hear/see a commercial for a funeral provider is when they happen to be staring at a body that they were completely unprepared to see. Other than that, you can bet the minute a radio spot for a funeral home or cemetery hits the airwaves they'll mentally turn the radio off until something trips the switch and pulls them back into an active listening pose, like a song that they like.

Behind the curve: deathcare industry lagging with internet marketing

Vendors in the deathcare industry, and specifically funeral homes, are generally laggards when it comes to marketing on the internet. And you can bet that the wired generation – who plan and purchase travel online, "google" first dates and even buy cars online – will increasingly turn to the internet when researching funeral service providers.

Funeral Home Tips for Writing Persuasive, Focused Ad Copy

In any business it's important to build strong customer relationships, but I believe this is especially true in funeral service; where family emotions and pre-conceptions are running the contact experience.

Whether it is an at-need contact, direct mail or print advertising, the essential elements are the same:

The future of funeral home retailing

The best way to predict the future is to make it. – Michael Dell, founder, Dell Computer Corporation

No area of funeral home operations has evolved more quickly than the retail environment in which funeral merchandise and services are selected by families.

Fueled largely by industry suppliers, the "traditional" selection room seems more difficult to define, as full-size casket displays have evolved to casket segments, electronic displays and combinations.

So where is funeral retailing headed?

Rethink Everything: How funeral homes and cemeteries can find success by doing things differently

What if the fundamentals of running a successful funeral business were counterintuitive to all of your practical experience? Imagine that all of the experience your family accumulated over generations running funeral homes was diametrically opposite what you should be doing to make a profit in this business.

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