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Advertising and Promotion

5 Reasons Why Funeral Homes Should Blog

Social interaction between businesses and consumers is becoming hugely prevalent on the internet. A Blog is the simplest form of online social participation. As a funeral home, should you have a Blog on your website?

5 Reasons Why Funeral Homes Should Blog

Marketing for Results: Five Practical Steps

It's just shortly after 9:00 in the morning, and already I've been assaulted. More than once. You see, like you, I'm a victim of advertising assault. First, there was the dryer sheet sample that fell out of my newspaper and onto my driveway. Then, in order to read the news I had to peel off the 2-for-1 taco offer blocking the front-page headline. I settled in to watch "Good Morning America" which proved to be equal parts commercials and advertiser-sponsored segments. Why, even my cereal box lured me with 50 cents off a recommended brand of orange juice. Sound familiar?

Want advertising that works? Leave it to the professionals.

If you are a TV channel surfer as I am, you have seen the growing number of Do-It-Yourself shows. Regular guys in flannel shirts imply that if you can identify a wrench from a lineup of tools, there is no mechanical task you cannot handle. Toilet need to be replaced? No problem. Bookcases for the family room? You're the one. Timing belt replaced on the SUV? Go for it. I got the bug myself. Why couldn't I be a Do-It-Myselfer?

Think outside the plastic box

Cremation continues to increase. This is one of the realities every funeral business faces. It only makes good sense to develop a strategy that increases cremation revenues for your firm. How you offer cremation merchandise must be a part of that plan. This article presents six proven ideas that will increase revenue from urn sales, that is, to help you "think outside the plastic box. "

Idea #1: Change what you measure.

The most common way to gauge urn sales is by the "average urn sale. " This average is typically calculated as follows:

Who do you want to reach?

One of the key laws of marketing is that not everybody will buy your products or services; some will and they probably will have shared traits and characteristics. For example

What is your sword in the stone?

Any marketing effort requires several basic components, not the least of which is a positioning strategy. Positioning means determining who you are selling your products or services to, then giving your offering a unique place, or position, in that person's mind. In other words, if our company lays claim to being "Montreal's cremation leader", it becomes difficult for another funeral home to make the same claim. There's a fundamental law of physics that says no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time and the law is true in marketing as well.

Is customer satisfaction good enough?

The challenge for the 21st century is not just serving customers, it's...

  • understanding customers
  • being prepared to serve customers
  • helping an angry customer
  • listening to customers
  • being responsible for your actions
  • living up to you commitments
  • being memorable
  • surprising customers
  • striving to keep customers for life and getting regular referrals

Marketing 108

Did you know that frequency is the key to getting results in advertising?

Nothing happens until somebody makes a sale.

Many people use the words "marketing" and "sales" as if they meant the same thing. They don't. In fact, understanding the difference between the two is essential to success. Marketing consists of getting a mutually beneficial exchange to take place between a buyer and a seller. Marketing sees the big picture. But marketing activity doesn't put money in the cash register; sales activity does. Sales is the personal side of marketing; sales activity focuses on how people handle the buying exchange.

7 Actionable Ideas

A successful marketing effort requires a combination of theory and actionable ideas. We have discussed the theoretical aspects of marketing over the last several months, so I thought it would be timely to offer seven ( 7 ) actionable ideas. These ideas can be implemented to augment your current marketing efforts or to chart a new marketing course for your funeral home or cemetery.

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